The strength of IDDC lies in its membership’s diversity, including Development Organisations, Organisations representing Disabled People’s Organisations and mainstream organisations. IDDC focuses on inclusive development rather than just disability.

The unique nature and strength of IDDC gives members a great added value:

  • Access to field experience and advocacy at national and international level
  • Enabling and supporting partners in the field
  • Bringing together diverse agencies who focus on disability and development

Membership and Partnership of IDDC

IDDC offers three types of membership:

  • Full Members: non-governmental organisations according to national law who are involved in and committed to inclusive development and/or humanitarian action, and who are committed to a human-rights approach.
  • Network Members: international member-based networks working in the field of inclusive development and/or humanitarian action and composed of at least 10 (ten) independent national organisations.
  • Individual Members: physical individuals who work in the field of inclusive development and/or humanitarian action.

If your organisation does not meet the requirements specified in the membership categories you can express your interest to be in partnership with IDDC. This will be based on a Memorandum of Understanding to be agreed between the Partner and IDDC.

Criteria and Application procedure

Criteria to become an IDDC member and details about the application procedure can be found in our Articles of Association.

Application forms

Application form for organisations and for individuals are available on demand.