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Banner of the 2022 EU-AU Summit

Education in the renewed EU-AU partnership

Further to their Joint Open Letter on education in the EU-AU partnership, IDDC and its partners react to the Africa Union – European Union Summit, held in February 2022, which resulted in the adoption of « A Joint Vision for 2030 » and welcome that education is one of the key pillars of the renewed strategic partnership.

Nevertheless, while the Summit’s outcome documents highlight girls as a specific group it neglects to mention other marginalised groups who are at higher risk of exclusion from quality education, including children and youth with disabilities, refugees and people with migratory background, people from lower socio-economic background, and indigenous populations. Identifying and responding to the educational needs of people who face the most significant barriers to education, with an intersectional lens, is a precondition to reduce inequalities and leave no one behind.