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Call for OPD Representatives – Paid Opportunity

The IDDC OPD Partnership Task Group is looking for representatives of OPDs to join a new Steering Group!

This Steering Group will help the IDDC OPD Partnership Task Group to create a guidance note on meaningful engagement of OPDs. This Guidance Note will be an internal tool for IDDC and its Task Groups about how to better engage with OPDs in their work.

We need OPDs to lead us in writing this guidance note, to make sure that the guidance note is relevant and in line with what OPDs want to see from IDDC. We want OPDs to share their expertise on how IDDC can meaningfully engage with OPDs.

The Steering Group made up of OPDs will attend 6 meetings during 2023 to give ideas and feedback about what should be in the guidance note, and will review drafts of the guidance note to provide feedback.

This is a paid opportunity for OPD representatives – OPD representatives on the Steering Group and their personal assistants and support people where needed will be compensated for their time and advice.

The OPD Partnership Task Group is asking that IDDC members please share this opportunity with their OPD partners, members, and other grassroots OPDs they are connected with – applications from OPDs who are a partner of an IDDC member will be prioritized, and we need support from all members to spread the word and get a diverse group of applicants!

Applications from OPDs will be accepted until Friday, February 10th.

All of the details about how to apply and more information about the role of Steering Group members can be found at this link – please share this opportunity widely with your OPD partners!