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Kupenda for the Children

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PO Box 473.

NH 03843 - Hampton

(978) 626 1625



Kupenda (“love” in Kiswahili) for the Children transforms harmful beliefs surrounding disability to those that improve children’s lives. Kupenda’s vision is for a fully integrated society where people of all abilities have access to health, education, and a loving community.

Kupenda is a niche organization focused on improving justice, care and inclusion for families impacted by disability. Each year, Kupenda’s work improves quality of life for more than 70,000 children with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries. This success and the organization’s 20 years of disability program design and implementation experience qualifies Kupenda to provide the following technical services:

  • Training and Counseling for Individuals with Disabilities, their Families, and Community Leaders
  • Adaptation and Testing of Materials and Services
  • Community or Program Disability Needs Assessments
  • Disability Program Monitoring and Evaluation Support
  • Consultation on Disability Inclusion Programming and Best Practices
  • Disability Grant/Proposal Research and Writing Support