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Light for the World

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Niederhofstrasse 26

1120 - Vienna

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Light for the World is a global disability & development organisation, breaking down barriers to enrich society and unlock the potential in all of us. Its mission is to contribute to a world in which persons with disabilities fully exercise their rights.

Light for the World focuses on the poorest and hardest to reach because those people need it most. To generate a lasting impact, Light for the World creates change through local people, organisations and governments, and works with local and international partners. Light for the World tries new things because they believe in the power of innovation.

Light for the World works with partners and underserved communities around the world in countries including Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Sudan.This work is made possible with support from donors in countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA.

Light for the World’s programmes include:

  • Eyesight – preventing blindness and promoting eye health for all
  • Education – ensuring children with disabilities receive quality, inclusive education
  • Empowerment – advocating for the health, employment and rights of people with disabilities in their communities and within development efforts