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Norwegian Association of Disabled

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Schweigaardsgt. 12 - P.O. Box 9217 Grønland

0134 - Oslo

0047 24 10 24 00



The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) is the advocacy organisation of people with disabilities. NAD’s vision is a society for all, where people with disabilities have the same opportunity as other people have to live according to their own wishes, abilities and interests.

NAD has worked to promote the rights of people with disabilities for more than 80 years.

NAD is the spokesman for people with disabilities in Norway and is therefore in close communication with politicians and the authorities, both at national and local level. In addition, it is important for NAD to show solidarity with people with disabilities in poor countries where there are no welfare benefits like those we have access to in Norway. Through its international development cooperation NAD contributes to strengthening the rights of people with disabilities in several countries.

At present, NAD has almost 15 000 members, 250 local branches, 9 regional branches, 11 affiliated national diagnosis groups, and a youth organisation.