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The Leprosy Mission International

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80 Windmill Road

TW8 0QH - Brentford

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The Leprosy Mission (TLM) is an international Christian organisation which helps people affected by leprosy. Founded in 1874, The Leprosy Mission is the oldest and largest leprosy-focused organisation in the world today.

Leprosy affects people’s lives in many different ways, so TLM cares for their physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs. In its projects, TLM concentrates on healthcare, community-based rehabilitation, prevention of disability, advocacy, capacity building, education, stigma reduction and occasionally on disaster response and preparedness. Leprosy is not understood by most communities and as a result people are fearful of it, which means those affected by leprosy are often stigmatised.
TLM’s vision is for ‘leprosy defeated, lives transformed’. This is why its main focus is on leprosy, however, the organisation’s work often includes other people with disabilities, other neglected tropical diseases, other marginalised people in society, and those living in extreme poverty.

Around the world TLM has about 2,000 staff and implement or support projects in 18 countries. The largest number of projects is in India, but there are also a significant number in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nigeria and Nepal. Increasingly the Mission seeks to work with partners as well as implementing projects directly.