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Malik - ©Mona Jouni - Winning Picture - #EDDW19

The European Commission and the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC) come together today to kick off the European Disability and Development Week 2019, with the launch of IDDC photo exhibition “Together for Inclusion! #EDDW19”, hosted by DEVCO.

The exhibition  showcases 10 photographs of children, women and men with disabilities in low- and middle- income countries who have broken down some barriers to enjoy their rights to work, education, health, culture, leisure, friendship, highlighting the importance of disability-inclusion.

With 15% of the world population living with some form of disability, it is of utmost importance to allow persons with disabilities to fully participate in all spheres of life, in order to respect their rights and achieve sustainable development as outlined in the Agenda 2030. The pledge to leave no one behind can only be addressed if groups among the most marginalized, such as persons with disabilities, are not taken into account at every step of the design, implementation, and monitoring of development action.

In this context, the EU renewed its European Consensus for Development in 2017, in which it further integrated disability rights and inclusion. Through its development cooperation action too, the EU thrives to fulfill its obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Recent initiatives at global and European levels testify of a stronger focus on the rights of persons with disabilities in development and humanitarian processes. But challenges remain immense including changing the mindset, changing policies and strengthening civil society especially organisations of persons with disabilities.

During the European Disability and Development Week, many events  are organised across Europe to raise awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities, and disability inclusion in development, as well as to foster dialogues amongst policy-makers, civil society organisations and other interested stakeholders.

#EDDW19 Programme