IDDC Inclusive Safeguarding Task Group response to COVID-19

During the current COVID-19 pandemic we are told to stay home – stay safe – save lives. For many, home is the place where they feel most safe, however, for some people, home is unfortunately not a safe place. It is important to remember that by restricting movement and asking people to “stay home” we are increasing the risk of harm to some individuals whose abusers may have access to their “home.” These measures can also reduce an individual’s contact with trusted individuals who they could disclose concerns too and other safeguarding reporting mechanisms.

We want to encourage both government and non-government actors to work to ensure that the COVID-19 response does not result in a de-prioritisation of protections currently being put in place for children and adults with disabilities. The global movement to create inclusive safeguarding practices is in in its early stages and we urge actors to ensure that this work in not undone, as can be the case in emergency responses, so that the needs of children and adults with disabilities remains front and centre in any safeguarding response. Read more