IDDC in a nutshell

The International Disability and Development Consortium is a global consortium of disability and development non-governmental organisations (NGOs), mainstream development NGOs and disabled people's organisations (DPOs) supporting disability and development work in more than 100 countries around the world.

The aim of IDDC is to promote inclusive development internationally, with a special focus on promoting the full and effective enjoyment of human rights by all persons with disabilities living in economically poor communities in lower and middle-income countries.

IDDC’s main objectives are:
  • To promote the inclusion of the disability dimension, as well as appropriate disability-specific approaches, in all development policy and practice.
  • To improve the practice of the member organisations by collaborating and sharing experience about policy and practice.
  • To support the exchange of information and knowledge about inclusive development, especially between people and organisations in economically poorer countries, by the wide distribution of information.
IDDC Strategic Framework 2014-2017:

The IDDC Strategic Framework 2014-2017 has four strategic priorities:

  • Priority 1: Development Cooperation is increasingly inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities (Advocacy)
  • Priority 2 : IDDC Members are better positioned to work for international cooperation inclusive of and accessible to persons with disabilities (Capacity Development)
  • Priority 3: IDDC Members collaborate in partner countries (Collaboration in the South)
  • Priority 4: IDDC is strengthened as a network and has adequate structures, partnerships and resources (Organisational Development)

Yearly IDDC Activity Reports are  to highlight what IDDC and its members have accomplished in the past year. 

The monthly IDDC Newsflash is an information tool that IDDC began producing in 2012. It provides updates on our activities and members' activities and includes dates of upcoming meetings and events.

​Please note that IDDC is not a funding body

Unfortunately we are unable to consider any funding applications, because we currently do not have the capacity to provide funding for projects. However, our member organisations all have independent and varying funding criteria and may be able to offer help and support.

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