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Bridging the Gap. Inclusive and accessible communication guidelines

Bridging the Gap’s Communication and Visibility Strategy (C&V) aims to “vehiculate positive messages and to raise awareness on the socio-economic inclusion, equality and non-discrimination of persons with disabilities in low and middle-income countries through initiatives aimed at informing on the project activities and results” (Action Plan, p. 266).

In order to promote such a positive message and achieve the objectives stated in the C&V, a number of initiatives, tools and products will be developed. The present document intends to guide the project consortium in producing such tools and products, in respect of the principle of accessible and inclusive communication.

The Guidelines introduce useful information on inclusive language, some tips on behaviour to relate to persons with disabilities, instructions to make accessible communication products, and requirements for the organisation of inclusive meetings and events. References to the accessibility of websites and social networks are also present.

Overall, and besides the application of the principles of the human rights-based approach, the Guidelines are inspired to the paradigm of the universal design (the design of products and environments to be usable by all people -older people, people without disabilities, and people with disabilities- without the need for adaptation), which shall be adopted whenever possible.

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