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Disability and Development at the EU: Framework and Actors

The purpose of this 2013 report is to give an overview of the relevant actors and stakeholders, as well as the policies and programmes, concerning disability and development at the EU level. This document is aimed in particular at individuals who are unfamiliar with disability and development at the EU level. We hope that this may also be used by IDDC members, advocates. This is a practical document that may also be used as a reference guide to the disability and development sector that wishes to engage in EU development.

Readers will thereby gain an understanding of the framework within which both EU institutions and civil society organisations operate in this field. To illustrate the complex policy-making framework at EU level, an easy-to-read diagram has been provided.

This document was first produced as part of the Project ‘Making Development Inclusive’, funded by the former EC EuropeAid, in 2010. The original EU Mapping Report on which this is based was developed as part of the project ‘Disability mainstreaming in Development Co-operation’, 2006-2008.

This document was last revised in 2012.

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