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Inclusion of persons with disabilities in European Union development cooperation mechanisms: Paraguay Report

The three country snapshots in the overall study are aiming to get an initial understanding of how EU Delegations contribute to the implementation of the CRPD and promote disability inclusion across their implementing partners of projects granted through call for proposals.

The methodology applied in getting a picture of the EU Delegation to Paraguay in supporting the rights of persons with disabilities reflects the overall methodology of the study. A desk review of EU Delegation MIP and main country development plans were made, and complemented by a review of the disability policies and relevant CRPD reports. A number of call for proposals from EU were selected to have was made to collect secondary qualitative data, which was complemented with primary data collected through key informant interviews with Delegation staff, implementing partners and DPOs.

A number of granted project proposals were also assessed to understand if and how disability inclusion was understood and designed by implementing partners.

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