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The Forgotten Children of the Millenium Developmet Goals: the right to an education for children with disabilities

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” These are the words of Nelson Mandela in a speech he gave in 2003. More and more of the world’s children are being armed with this vital weapon – they are going to school. But what happens to a child who never gets access to education because of a disability? When the struggle for a better life is a
struggle against closed school doors, ignorant attitudes and an acute lack of resources?

These are the children this document is about – the forgotten children of the Millennium Development Goals.

This publication has been produced in 2012 by IDDC and its member MyRight with the assistance of the European Union as part of the project ‘Making Development Inclusive’.

Read the report (in English)

Read the Report (in Swedish)