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Bezev is actively committed to support a fair and social world, where all people are offered the same opportunities for development and participation. Bezev supports an inclusive development and strengthens the equal participation of people with disabilities in humanitarian and development policy initiatives. Based on everyone´s responsibility for sustainable development, bezev is actively engaged in global learning.

The most important goal of our work is to contribute to an improvement of the living conditions of people who live with disability, especially for those who live in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Everyone is responsible for sustainable development including people with disabilities. Bezev wants to provide the opportunity to become an actor for sustainable development for people with disabilities in the North and in the South. Every human being has the right to development – this is an indivisible and universal right.

Bezev works primarily in the fields of political lobbying, raising awareness as well as distributing information and knowledge. bezev tries to reach the responsible actors in order to achieve the most possible effect at an international, federal and national level.