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Task Groups

IDDC is led by its members.

We give our members the chance to speak with one voice about the things we all believe in.

We work mainly through Task Groups.

Task Groups are made up by IDDC members
that work together to talk about their ideas and experiences.

They decide together which strategies and activities
they want to use.

Currently, IDDC has 6 Task Groups:

  • Community-Based Inclusive Development Task Group

This Task Group works on making use of the CRPD and Agenda 2030
using the Community-Based Inclusive Development approach.

This approach wants to create equal opportunities and inclusion
for all people with disabilities.

  • DPO Partnership Task Group

DPOs are organisations where most of the people working there
are people with disabilities.

With this Task Group, IDDC wants to work together
with DPOs from poorer countries.

  • European Union Task Group

This Task Group works together with people
who take decisions and make laws
in the European Union.

The EU makes laws on many important things
for the people who live in those countries.

The EU also makes laws that are important
for people with disabilities and inclusive development.

  • Inclusive Education Task Group

This Task Group wants to make sure
that children with disabilities in poorer countries
can go to school.

  • Inclusive Health Task Group

In poorer countries, many people with disabilities
don’t have health care because they don’t have
the money to pay for it.

This Task Group wants to promote
an inclusive healthcare
for people with disabilities.

  • United Nations Task Group

Working with the United Nations is very important
if we want to see inclusive development all around the world.

The United Nations Task Group wants to make sure
that countries will put the CRPD and Agenda 2030 into practice.